Loving the Lockdown

Can I say I am loving this time? I encourage you to embrace the idea of LOVING THE LOCKDOWN ! God has stopped us firm in our overscheduled, too busy for anything tracks and said hey, you need to get your focus back on me and the most important things in lifeyour relationship with him and with others !

This is the perfect opportunity to reprioritize your life and create a plan for remembering what is important when it is all over!

❤Love Note 4

In this moment so many are filled with fear about their health. Let me remind you that the word health begins with the word HEAL. The great physician is still practicing today but keep in mind child of God, healing is not only a physical provision by God it is a spiritual one. Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2 tell us that by his stripes we are healed, his wounds on the cross brought spiritual healing for our souls. Good HEALth begins with our heart, faith and trust in him will heal the rest. Be blessed today!

Jacob Paints the Sky

In the early hours of this February day, a joyous 27 year old young man who was  hardworking and unbelievably kind stepped into heaven.  Jacob was loved immensely by his family, friends and the sons he adored.

My little cousin Jacob left us way to early and the shock and grief that our family feels is indescribable.  While I am regretful for lost time, and the distance between us, I am thankful for God allowing the time that we did have him and the impact that he made on the people around him.  His radiant smile and heart full of joy will be greatly missed.

We know and understand that we serve a kind and loving God who will provide strength and comfort to us all. He has already provided glimpses of that comfort to us. Today as my daughter and I were out, I looked at the sky in an entirely different way and the beauty of it was captivating.  I told my daughter God needed Jacob to help paint the sky tonight and to help sprinkle the stars when the sun fully sets.  While we may be hurting today, I am thankful for the love and joy he is experiencing in the arms of our Savior tonight.

If your family is at a distance, reach out to them, keep in touch.  If they are near hold them closer. Above all,  be thankful for every breath of life and appreciate the people that you love. We love you Jacob, thank you for helping Jesus paint the sky and sprinkle the stars tonight.


Blogging the Right Way

I have to confess, sometimes this blog sits idle because I get discouraged. That’s normal right ? When you feel like you pour your heart out and want God’s word to spread like wildfire, you want people to want to read your stuff and feel encouraged. I may even have an earlier blog post saying some of the same things. I thought about this a lot last week. I always think of this blog like it has to be perfect, like if I don’t see it touch some hearts then it is a waste of time then I asked myself what does blogging the right way look like? I tossed around all these different ideas then suddenly stopped and said, the right way to blog is to focus on one thing…Him. Not the audience, not how consistently I do it, not whether or not a post gets shared on any social media platform but just focus on Him.

So yes, this blog probably won’t be written daily. It may not draw the masses, it may not get shared and it will be less than perfect but at least you and I can count on this:

The reader will know this blog is written the right way, with a focus on Him and the writer will know she felt lead to do so.

-Be blessed,


❤Love Note 3

As people we are good at making little messes in our lives, but as children loved by God he takes those messes and orchestrates a plan for the better!

Sometimes we don’t see it but “the better” can be growth, understanding or victory. Do not live in shame and regret today, believe in the better.

Romans 8:28 (NIV)

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

-Be blessed,